Ninja (Book 3): Assassin

The thrilling finale of the Ninja trilogy. Taka, Cho and Renzo are on a mission of vengeance. The Grandmaster says that it will not heal the hurts of the heart, but Taka is hurting badly and he can see no other way out – Lord Oda must pay. Non-stop action meets breathtaking revelations in the […]

Ninja (Book 2): Death Touch

Explosive second installment in the Ninja trilogy. Taka has proven his worth as a ninja warrior, but now he must prepare for an attack by the samurai leader Lord Oda. Lord Oda has sworn to destroy all ninja. Now Taka and Cho must help to protect their village from the invading samurai army, but they […]

Ninja (Book 1): First Mission

Taka’s desperate to prove that he has what it takes to become a ninja. He has failed the Grandmaster’s test twice already. But when the clan’s scrolls are stolen by an enemy samurai he has a chance to prove himself. Can Taka recover them and finally become a ninja? This book has a dyslexia-friendly layout, […]