Expert advice from a neurotic shrink who’s lived with it all his life. Consultant psychiatrist Dr Mark Cross knows a lot about anxiety. Many of his patients are sufferers, which is hardly surprising, given anxiety is the most common mental health condition in Australia, affecting up to one in four people at some point in […]

The Ghost Tower

Curiosity saves the bat in this fun and quirky adventure story from beloved author Gillian Cross. The night Dot and Ryan take a sneaky Halloween visit to a condemned tower, they discover more than they bargained for when they catch a glimpse of an endangered species of bat. It’s clear that the bat colony and […]

Jason Banks and the Pumkin of Doom

A charming and witty tale of bullies, pumpkins and unlikely friendships from award-winning author Gillian Cross. Jason Banks is a bully. No one likes him and even the teachers are scared of him! It’s time that someone taught Jason a lesson and he might just have met his match in the strange pumpkin that keeps […]

The Cupcake Wedding

Mia and James are getting married! When a tight budget means no wedding cake, Mia’s sister Holly plans a surprise… A heart-warming story from an award-winning author. When Holly’s sister announces her engagement, wedding planning begins in earnest. But a tight budget means missing out on some wedding essentials – like the cake! Holly decides […]

Amber’s Song

Music is king in this wonderfully charming story of bandmates and babies, with strong messages of family and frienship at its heart. From children’s author legend Gillian Cross. Music is the most important thing in Mark’s life and he never misses band practice… until new baby sister Amber turns life upside down. She screams all […]

Mozart’s Banana

A charming village story about a little girl, a dare gone wrong and one crazy horse! From bestselling author Gillian Cross. When Alice Brett moves from the city to a little village school, she’s never seen a real live horse before. And famous village resident Mozart’s Banana is not just any old horse – he’s […]

The Monster Snowman

Jack and his friends build the greatest, scariest snowman in the whole world – until it comes alive! Jack wakes up on his birthday to find an extra special present – everything is covered in fluffy, white snow! He and two friends Sam and Ryan decide to build the biggest, scariest snowman in the world. […]