Marringa Lullaby

A gentle lullaby that helps children wind down at the end of the day, with an appreciation of nature and respect for country. Sea breeze, Stars rising high. Night-time is here, it’s time to go to sleep. Marringa, meaning sleeping in the Anindilyakwa language, is a beloved ABC Kids lullaby to sing your little ones […]


Dylan Alcott has never let his disability get in the way of what he wanted to achieve. His family treated him no differently to any other kid, and it was the best thing they ever did. Growing up, Dylan always had a positive attitude to life. So when he discovered sport, he’d have a go […]

The Greatest

Great sporting title, packed with facts about Muhammad Ali. A brilliant read about standing up to bullies and overcoming the odds. From firm favourite Alan Gibbons. When Ali’s bike is stolen by a local bully, he turns to the story of Muhammad Ali for inspiration – the greatest boxer of all time, inspiring the fight […]


Tense thriller. Rob must use all his bomb-defusing skills when he comes up against an explosive in a school. Action packed thriller. Rob’s the army’s youngest bomb disposal officer. And he’s also the best. But when he’s called in to school to defuse a bomb planted by terrorists he must recall some painful events from […]