Northern Soul

From award-winning author Phil Earle comes the hilariously agonising account of one teenage boy’s disastrous attempts to win the heart of the cool new girl at school. Marv’s fourteen and his life is simple. There’s football. And his best mate, Jimmy. Perfect. Nothing else matters until a new girl at school called Carly crashes into […]

Little Gems: Super Nan’s Day Out

An unexpected family secret has hilarious consequences in this action-packed story from Phil Earle and illustrator Steve May — perfect for superhero fans. Plane crashes, robberies and fires were not what Stanley was expecting on a day out at the seaside with his nan and the other residents of her care home! Nan doesn’t know […]

The Dog That Saved the World (Cup)!

A four-legged hero risks it all to make his best friend’s dream come true in this touching adventure of family, football and beating the odds. Pickles the dog and his owner Elsie love football more than anything. And they’ve just heard the most amazing news. The World Cup is coming home to England and Elsie’s […]

Little Gems: Albert Johnson and the Buns of Steel

A baking nightmare makes for slapstick comedy gold in this hilarious Little Gem from a bestselling author and illustrator team. Albert’s dad needs help in the family bakery, but all his son can think about is sport. So he builds a machine like no other: the Doughmaster 5000. It seems to have solved all their […]

Little Gems: The Unlucky Eleven

A fun football tale for little readers packed with laughs, friendship and a spot of superstition… Ridiculous injuries… strange illnesses… cancelled games… Everything’s going wrong for the Saints this season, and Stanley’s team-mates believe they finally know why. Their football kit is cursed! But the team’s attempts to break the curse take things from bad […]

Little Gems: Superdad’s Day Off

A lovely celebration of father–son bonds and the importance of family, wrapped up in a wonderful extraordinary story that is sure to appeal to young superhero fans! Stanley is a normal little boy, whose dad just happens to be the greatest superhero on the planet. Six days a week, Dad saves the world from disasters, […]

Mind the Gap

Powerful drama of love, loss, family and friendship from a superstar of UK children’s and YA fiction, inspired by a tremendously moving true story. When Mikey’s dad died, something in Mikey died too. He loved his old man and he never stopped dreaming that one day his dad would land the role of a lifetime, […]