Millie Loves Ants

From the award-winning talented duo who created THE HAIRY-NOSED WOMBATS FIND A NEW HOME. ‘Millie trundles through the trees, Wildflowers bending in the breeze. If there’s just a chance of ants, Millie’s nose will do its dance.’ But just why does Millie the echidna adore ants? Find out in this glorious new picture book fromaward-winning […]

The Hairy-Nosed Wombats Find a New Home

THE HAIRY-NOSED WOMBATS FIND A NEW HOME is a charmingly humorous picture book for young children about the endangered hairy nosed wombat and the search for a new home for them. Once upon a time, deep underground, there was a colony of wonderfully whiskery wombats who all had hairy noses. They lived in the only […]

The Tomorrow Book

From bestselling author, Jackie French comes a book about the possibilities from the greener world of tomorrow. A timely picture book about a young prince who is determined to rule over a country where the future is filled with environmental hope – and practical solutions, such as common usage of solar and wind power. Lively, […]