Mate Match

Honest and heart-warming tale for modern teenage from the best-selling author of How to Train Your Parents. Perfectly pitched for digitally-obsessed teens, this upbeat comedy explores teen romance in the Age of the App and the value of real-life connections. Joe has never been ‘cool’ or ‘hot’ – he’d rather slog over a brand new […]

Glee Club

An exciting light romance. Mel and her friends love Glee Club. They can’t wait to take on their rivals! But when the director falls ill are their chances ruined? Mel and her friends love their high school Glee Club. They can’t wait to take on their rivals in the tournament finals! But when the director […]


A humorous and perceptive tale exploring teen life. Luke defends his sister and ends up challenging the hardest boy in school to a fight! Luke’s fed up with the drama of his sister’s love life. But when her ex-boyfriend badmouths her around school, he rashly declares that he’ll fight him. Unfortunately he’s held to this […]


When Ben starts at a new school, the last thing he expects is to be mistaken for a TV star! Can he stop pretending to be someone he’s not before things spin out of control? Light-hearted comedy. Ben is just the new boy – until the most beautiful girl in school, Jasmine, mistakes him for […]