Shona, Word Detective

A warm and charming tale of diversity, language, and the shared cultures that make-up modern life. Featuring the same wonderful characters from 2014’s All Sorts to Make a World and 2016’s Going Batty. Shona has always loved words. She even has her very own strange word thesaurus! When her and her classmates learn that some […]

Going Batty

A warm, charming and ever-so-slightly batty celebration of family love, inspiring teachers and the great characters who make all our lives more interesting. Featuring the same family as 2014’s All Sorts to Make a World. Shona likes most creatures in the world but for some reason she’s terrified of bats, and so she’s a bit […]

All Sorts to Make a World

Comedy and charm abound in this quirky story about people trapped on the London Underground together. Shona and her dad are just returning from a trip to the Natural History Museum when – oh no! – their train comes to a halt. What can Shona do to pass the time except study the passengers in […]