Little Gems: Sidney and Carrie Have a Party

Sidney and Carrie’s friendship is being put to the test. Can Lisa Thompson’s uplifting duo learn to compromise in time for their joint birthday party? Best friends Sidney and Carrie are really excited about having a joint birthday party! But excitement turns to disappointment when they can’t agree about the invitations, the entertainment or even […]

Little Gems: Carrie and the Roller Boots

Sidney and Carrie return in this uplifting Little Gem by award-winning author Lisa Thompson as Carrie embarks on a mission to discover her special talent. Carrie’s best friend Sidney is planning to show off his tap-dancing skills during Friday Fun Time at school and Carrie wants to join in. She plans an amazing routine where […]

Little Gems: Sidney Makes a Wish

Friendship appears where it’s least expected in this heartwarming Little Gem from award-winning author Lisa Thompson. When Sidney spots a wishing well in the long grass on his way to school, he thinks he might have found the answer to the problems he’s having with his friend Billy. If he can just wish for exactly […]