A Brief History of Intelligence

A Brief History of Intelligence bridges the gap between AI and neuroscience by telling the evolutionary story of how the brain came to be. The entirety of the human brain’s 4-billion-year story can be summarised as the culmination of five evolutionary breakthroughs, starting from the very first brains, all the way to the modern human […]


The 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis was the most perilous event in history, when mankind faced a looming nuclear collision between the United States and Soviet Union. During those weeks, the world gazed into the abyss of potential annihilation. One of its most terrifying moments came on 18 October, when President John F. Kennedy and his […]

Mythical Science

Do you ever look all around you, at our amazing planet Earth, and wonder how it all got there? Why does the Sun rise every day? How does the sky stay up? Where do rainbows come from? What are thunder and lightning? Since the beginning of time, people have been doing just that. Across different […]

Soldiers: Great Stories of War and Peace

From bestselling author Max Hastings, a collection of the most extraordinary stories of war, courage, tragedy, strategy and survival. Soldiers is a collection of the very best stories about soldiers, brought together by the award-winning, bestselling historian Max Hastings. In his almost sixty years of military study and his work in the midst of modern […]