Noodle the Doodle Wins the Day

Noodle causes mayhem as Sports Day arrives at Wigley Primary – and a new friend adds even more mischief in this adorable canine caper from Jonathan Meres. Sports Day has arrived at Wigley Primary and everyone is excited to take part in unusual events like book balancing, frisbee tossing and seeing who can race in […]

Noodle the Doodle Steals the Show

Mishaps and mayhem abound as Noodle joins the new kid in class for the school talent show in this adorable canine comedy. There’s another new arrival at Wigley Primary. At first Samir finds it hard to settle in, but with a bit of help from Noodle the doodle, he starts to feel at home. When […]

Noodle the Doodle

World of Norm author Jonathan Meres returns with a middle-grade canine adventure. Someone new is joining the class at Wigley Primary… He’s got four legs, a big bark and shaggy golden curls! Nora, Lou, Marty, Josh and the other children love having Noodle the Doodle at school. He listens when they read him stories, he […]

Little Gems: Special Delivery

A mix-up with memory leads to an unlikely friendship in this gorgeous Little Gem exploring dementia and the importance of inter-generational friendships. All Frank wants is a new bike, but bikes cost money… So he better start saving! When he settles on helping his sister, Lottie, with her paper round, the last thing Frank expects […]

Little Gems: Mint Choc Chip at the Market Cafe

A gorgeous new Little Gem from Jonathan Meres (World of Norm), inspired by his father’s 50 years as a market trader, and in collaboration one again with Grandpa was an Astronaut illustrator, Hannah Coulson. Priya loves helping out at the stall her family have run for donkey’s years. But one day she meets Stan. His […]

Little Gems: Grandpa Was an Astronaut

Grandparents take centre stage in this charming tale as a young boy and his grandfather let their imaginations take flight for an afternoon of space exploration, with beautiful artwork from Hannah Coulson. Sherman loves the moon and he loves his grandpa even more – who has actually been to the moon! Grandpa was an astronaut […]