The Two Wallabies

During the Dreaming, two wallabies criss-cross the country, bringing many places and plants into being. But then a flood comes, and one of the wallabies is swept away.

The Magic Fire at Warlukurlangu: A Dreaming Narrative

The dramatic story of Jampijinpa Blue Tongue, who deceives his two sons, and who is in turn deceived by them, with tragic consequences for the two boys. This narrative offers an important explanation for the presence of the flame-like anthills that can be found in the Warlukurlangu region.

Luurnpa, The Magical Kingfisher

This is a traditional Dreaming narrative, belonging to Bai Bai Napangarti from the Balgo Hills region of Western Australia. It tells the story of Luurnpa, who saves the Kukatja people from dying of thirst by showing them his magic rock hole full of water. For many years the Kukatja people lived on land where there […]

The Pangkarlangu and the Lost Child

A traditional Walrpiri Dreaming narrative, belonging to Molly Tasman Napurrurla from the Tanami Desert. It tells the story of a small boy who decides to ignore his parents’ advice and follow them out hunting and how he comes face to face with a huge creature with wild eyes, knotty hair, and long sharp nails and […]

Art – History – Place

In this text, recognised art expert Christine Nicholls looks at the astonishing diversity and visual power of Indigenous Australian art today and explores the traditions and influences that have shaped its development. Christine Nicholls explores the astonishing diversity and visual power of Indigenous Australian art today, from the traditional work of artists from the Central […]