Football Mad (Book 4): Teamwork!

Teamwork can help the dream work but what will happen when Scott has to play for the other side… the girls’ team! Paul Stewart wraps up the action for the Dale Juniors in the climactic final instalment of the Football Mad series. Dale Juniors are three-time winners of the Langton Town football cup, but they’re […]

Football Mad (Book 2): Offside!

The competition and the tension heightens as Paul Stewart continues the action in the second of this four-part football series. Can Dale Juniors win the local football cup for a second time? Scott, Danny and Jack think they can! But when Jack is booted off the team to make room for new boy Lee Parker, […]

Football Mad (Book 1): Own Goal!

The drama of football and friendship takes to the pitch in this action-packed sporting novel from top-selling author Paul Stewart. 2-1 with minutes to go: Dale Juniors are about to win the schools’ cup final – until Scott foots the ball into his own team’s goal. But letting down the team is the least of […]

Football Mad (Book 3): Hat-Trick!

A new coach is causing trouble for the team as Paul Stewart continues the action in the third of this four-part football series. Danny, Scott, Jack and the rest of the Dale team are gearing up for a hat-trick in their last ever town cup competition. But the boys have moved to senior school and […]