Little Gems: Super Nan’s Day Out

An unexpected family secret has hilarious consequences in this action-packed story from Phil Earle and illustrator Steve May — perfect for superhero fans. Plane crashes, robberies and fires were not what Stanley was expecting on a day out at the seaside with his nan and the other residents of her care home! Nan doesn’t know […]

Little Gems: Albert Johnson and the Buns of Steel

A baking nightmare makes for slapstick comedy gold in this hilarious Little Gem from a bestselling author and illustrator team. Albert’s dad needs help in the family bakery, but all his son can think about is sport. So he builds a machine like no other: the Doughmaster 5000. It seems to have solved all their […]

Little Gems: The Unlucky Eleven

A fun football tale for little readers packed with laughs, friendship and a spot of superstition… Ridiculous injuries… strange illnesses… cancelled games… Everything’s going wrong for the Saints this season, and Stanley’s team-mates believe they finally know why. Their football kit is cursed! But the team’s attempts to break the curse take things from bad […]

Little Gems: Superdad’s Day Off

A lovely celebration of father–son bonds and the importance of family, wrapped up in a wonderful extraordinary story that is sure to appeal to young superhero fans! Stanley is a normal little boy, whose dad just happens to be the greatest superhero on the planet. Six days a week, Dad saves the world from disasters, […]