The Fox and the Stork

The classic story of Fox, who loves playing tricks, and her friend Stork who finally turns the tables. Fox is always playing practical jokes on her friends, and her friends don’t much like it. One day, Fox devises a new trick for her long-beaked friend Stork. Stork doesn’t see the funny side, and finds a […]

The Fox and the Crow

A lively retelling of the classic Aesop’s fable, beautifully illustrated by Tania Rex and full of character and humour. Fox is in the forest, wet and cold and hungry. She spots a piece of cheese on the ground – but just as she’s about to eat it, Crow snatches it away. Fox really wants the […]

Economics for Beginners

Economics is all about how and why we make choices. This exciting book breaks down a fascinating subject that governs so much of our lives. Why are markets so important? How do we actually make decisions? Will robots take our jobs? Accessible and informative, this comprehensive introduction will help readers understand how the world really […]