The Dinosaurs Who Loved Applause

A colourful tale of two attention-grabbing dinosaurs who learn to take turns. This funny, rhyming picture book features Gus and Dee, two dinosaurs who love to be the centre of attention. So Sid’s charity show provides a great opportunity for them to show off. But maybe this time they’ll learn to share the stage with […]

The Dinosaur Who Slammed the Door

Max the dinosaur slams doors wherever he goes. Can he learn to relax? Young Max is always stressed out. SLAM! goes door after door, as he stomps out in a mood. But can his teacher Sid help him learn to chill out? Find out in this latest addition to the popular Dinosaur Tales series.

Dinosaur Tales: The Dinosaur Who Ran the Store

Don’t be bossy, Bella! Bella’s new department store is opening today. Bella likes to get things done, but perhaps she needs a lesson in working nicely with her colleagues? This latest addition to the Dinosaur Tales series encourages children to be sensitive to other people’s feelings.

The Dinosaur with the Noisy Snore

Everyone in Dinosaur Valley is ready for bed. But noisy neighbour Rory is keeping them awake with his super-loud snore. Can he learn to be considerate and maybe even put his snore to good use? Find out in this fun follow-up to the best-selling The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar.