Witched!: The Spellbinding Life of Cora Bell

From the talented author of Whimsy and Woe comes a series about Cora, an orphan who could be magical! The final fight against magic… Cora Bell is racing against time. With Dot badly injured, Cora must face fearsome werewolves, gross beetle worms and a warlock in order to save her beloved guardian. But as questions […]


Claire Cashmore, MBE and Paralympic gold medallist, was born without a left forearm – but she never let being different stand in the way of her big dreams. Splash is based on Claire’s real-life experience: this gold-medal-winning swimmer really was scared of water… until one day, everything changed! These are Claire’s big sisters. They call […]

Havoc: The Untold Magic of Cora Bell

From the talented author of Whimsy & Woe comes a series about Cora Bell, who is magical – but could she also be a Havoc? When magic darkens … Cora Bell has discovered she is full of magic. But without her protection bracelet, she is struggling to hold onto all the powers she has gained, […]

Jinxed: The Curious Curse of Cora Bell

Magic awaits around every corner … Cora is eleven years old and missing one eye. She lives with an elderly lady named Dot in a room hidden behind a wall. In a crowded, industrial city, where everyone looks out for themselves, Cora and Dot hunt and sell rare and exotic things – apple seeds, silver […]