How to Stop the End of the World

Colin Coleridge is facing a long, boring summer holiday with NOTHING to do. But when he notices some weird markings outside his house, and some strangers acting VERY suspiciously in his neighbour’s garden, he decides to investigate. And before too long, Colin and his new friend Lucy have found themselves caught up in a mission […]

Boss Cat

A very funny ‘pets behaving badly’ story that will appeal to those who love the outrageous antics of Aaron Blabey’s Pig the Pug and Mothball wombat in Diary of a Wombat. Napping on the sofa, one sunny afternoon, I was very rudely woken by a slobbering buffoon. ‘Say hello,’ my humans said, ‘to our newest […]

Diamonds Everywhere

Answers to the mysteries of the cosmos for inquiring minds. Explore the entire cosmos in 101 fascinating topics – from mind-blowing numbers, astonishing sights, to strange-but-true discoveries and everything in between. Feed your cosmic curiosity with this comprehensive guide to the Universe, featuring 101 out-of-this-world astronomical facts, discoveries and innovations. From gravitational curls to strange […]

Children’s Picture Atlas of the Stars

Soar through the night sky with this beautifully illustrated atlas of the stars. Explore constellations and find out about the bright stars that form them, in this beautifully illustrated book for children. Astronomer Tom Kerss introduces the constellations that can be seen in different parts of the world and the legendary stories behind each one. […]

The Goblin’s Revenge

A thrilling fantasy adventure gamebook where YOU choose how the story unfolds. Prepare for menacing monsters, ghostly magic and a thrilling race against time in this spectacular fantasy adventure gamebook where the hero of the story is YOU. The evil sorcerer Darkmane has the kingdom in his grip and the only hope of stopping him […]

Lift-the-Flap: Mental Maths

Fun essential maths skills practice for 5-8 year olds. Crammed with clever tips, tricks and techniques, this book makes mental arithmetic a breeze. With lots of practice puzzles and questions – just lift the flaps to reveal the answers. At the end, you can put your newly-learned skills to the test with a maths maze […]

Unsolved Case Files (Book 3): The 500 Million Dollar Heist

The third book in this graphic nonfiction series about real FBI cases details the Isabella Stewart Gardner heist – the largest, and one of the most famous, art thefts in the world. CASE NO. 003: THE GARDNER MARCH 18, 1990 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS 1:24 a.m. Two thieves posing as Boston Police officers gain entry to the […]

When Things Went Wild

A hilarious whodunit adventure for readers aged 9+ from the author of ESCAPE FROM CAMP BORING. Full of mishaps, mayhem and Tom Mitchell’s trademark wit, WHEN THINGS WENT WILD is also a timely call to protect our environment and its wildlife. When Kit’s family move to a crumbling house in the Scottish Highlands, he’s got […]

How to Speak Whale

A thrilling investigation into whale science and animal communication, and a poignant look at how science may change our relationship with animals forever. In 2015, wildlife filmmaker Tom Mustill was whale watching when a humpback breached onto his kayak and nearly killed him. A video clip of the event went viral, and Tom found himself […]