Operation Banana

As World War ll drags on, Susan sets out on a mission to cheer up her mum in this heartwarming wartime tale from award-winning historical fiction writer Tony Bradman. Susan is worried about her mum. She’s struggling with long hours at her job in the factory and it’s a long time since they’ve heard from […]

Bruno and Frida

Friendship forms in the midst of war between a young German boy and a Russian bomber-dog, in this poignant and gripping historical adventure. East Prussia, Germany, 1945. War is raging across Europe, and as Russian soldiers close in across eastern Germany, Bruno and his mother must flee if they hope to survive. In the chaos […]

Daisy and the Unknown Warrior

Reluctant reader favourite Tony Bradman returns with a captivating historical tale inspired by the true story of Britain’s Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. November 1920. The body of an unknown soldier is to be buried at Westminster Abbey. The war has claimed the lives of thousands of men whose bodies will never make it home, […]

A Bad Day for Jayden

Reluctant-reader favourite Tony Bradman returns with a gentle and sensitively told story of life as a young carer. Mum won’t get out of bed. His best friend has dumped him. And school work is just too difficult. Jayden wants to do the right thing – but how can he when it feels like the world […]