It’s a Story Rory

A STORY ABOUT STORIES! FROM THE AWARD-WINNING CREATORS OF PARSLEY RABBIT’S BOOK ABOUT BOOKS ‘Hey, Milly, why are we on this blank page?’ ‘It won’t be blank for long. We’re going to be in a STORY, Rory!’ Rory has never been in a story before and he’s not even sure how one works. Luckily, he […]

Leonard Doesn’t Dance

A toe-tapping story about finding your own rhythm from the award-winning creators of Goodnight, Mice! All the birds are excited about the Big Beaky Bird Ball – except Leonard. His warble-warble waltz with the magpies is more wobble-wobble, and his caw-caw can-can with the crows is a can’t-can’t. The puffins are prancing, the rosellas are […]

Captain Crabclaw’s Crew

Pirate crew wanted to search for treasure. Must be fearsome!’ When Captain Crabclaw advertises for a crew for his new ship, the Speedy Squid, he doesn’t expect to get a duck, a cow, an elephant and a giraffe! It’s hoist the mainsail and anchors aweigh with the most unusual pirate crew the high seas have […]

The Fearsome Frightening Ferocious Box

What’s in the box? A thrilling picture book from the award-winning creators of KISSES FOR DADDY . At first your eyes will not believe, Such terrors they can scarce conceive, But come, look closely; you will see Horrific creatures just like me. Open the box, if you dare, But danger lies within: Beware! From the […]

A Very Quacky Christmas

The only Christmas quacker you’ll need this holiday season! ‘We wish you a quacky Christmas …’ Samantha Duck is getting ready for Christmas. ‘I’m going to give presents to animals all over the world!’ Her friend Sebastian tells her not to bother. ‘Christmas is not for animals,’ he says. But with the help of her […]

The Peony Lantern

The spellbinding new historical novel from multi-award-winning Australian author Frances Watts When Kasumi leaves her remote village for the teeming city of Edo, her life is transformed. As a lady-in-waiting in a samurai mansion she discovers a rare talent for art and falls in love with a young samurai. How could she ever return to […]

The Raven’s Wing

From bestselling and award-winning author Frances Watts comes the first in an incredibly exciting new series of standalone historical novels. On the eve of her fifteenth birthday, Claudia is unexpectedly summoned to Rome by the father she hasn’t seen in ten years, a wealthy and powerful senator. She finds herself with both a new family […]

Parsley Rabbit’s Book About Books

Come and discover the world of books with Parsley and his brother Basil! This is the blurb for Parsley Rabbit’s Book about Books. The blurb tells you all about the book, and why you you want to read it! Parsley Rabbit’s Book about Books is an exciting introduction to the wonderful world of.. books, of […]

The Secret of Zanzibar

The highly acclaimed Gerander trilogy comes to its thrilling conclusion. ‘So many secrets … so many lies …’ Time is running out, as Queen Eugenia prepares to crown herself the absolute ruler of Greater Gerander. And so Alistair and tibby Rose travel deep into dangerous territory on a daring mission to stop her, while Alice […]