I Am Beautiful

William Spring’s striking and brilliant animal paintings take centre stage in a book that celebrates the outsiders of the animal world – the unusual and the often ignored – and how they evolved to play a vital role in the ecosystem. All of nature is beautiful – from the tiniest of insects to the largest […]

Wlliam Bee’s Wonderful World of Things That Go!

Vroom Vroom! Peep Peep! We have blast off! William Bee is back with this bumper book of all his favourite vehicles! Find out all about the weird and wonderful world of trucks, trains, and tractors, as well as airplanes, submarines, rockets and more! It features William’s turbopowered high speed truck, his fire truck, his super […]

The Outrage

‘You know, when you live in a time of progress, it seems that progress is the only possible way. The idea that everything we’d gained, all of those hard-won rights, could be taken away from us, and that open minds could be closed again? But then the Outrage happened.’ Welcome to England, where the Protectorate […]