Frog Squad (Book 1): Dessert Disaster

Step into a top-secret world where frogs don’t just eat flies, they eat danger! This is FROG SQUAD! Frog Squad comes to the rescue of a mega tanker in distress — and it’s full of ice-cream! Will these brave rescue frogs be fast enough to stop Professor Cain and The Organisation of Amphibious Devious Scoundrels […]

Andromache Between Worlds

A page-turning, action-packed adventure that is perfect for fans of the Jane Doe series. All fourteen-year-old Andromache Peters wants is a normal life. But normal is pretty near impossible when your parents were famous adventurers who saved the world and nobody will let you forget it. On top of this, Andromache’s father has been missing […]

Lani and the Universe

Lani Scrub has a plan: study hard and become a double PhD like her idol, celebrity scientist Kit Galway, who wrote The Meaning of the Universe, a handy reference book for well, everything. Lani’s life plan is tracking well until her mum decides on a tree change. And Lani is somehow coerced to leave their […]

Millie Mak the Maker

The first book in a series about Millie Mak, who is a maker. And a clever one too, as out of recycled materials she creates beautiful and also useful things. Nine-year-old Millie Mak has discovered that she has a superpower: she can take everyday objects and turn them into something new, beautiful and useful. Who […]

In My Garden

Bestselling duo Kate Mayes and Tamsin Ainslie return with a journey through a variety of children’s gardens around the world. In our gardens are where we belong. Planting, watching, growing, dreaming. In our gardens something out of nothing comes. Join children from around the world as they share their gardens, from blossoming flowers in Japan […]