It’s June Already?!

It’s slightly terrifying that we find ourselves in the middle of the year! (I can’t be the only one who has lost all concept of the passage of time since 2020?!) As well as all the work that this time of year brings, the shorter days and chillier mornings can make it very hard to get started; why not ease into the day with a shared story?

Many of you are probably familiar with ‘Marringa Lullaby’, one of ABC Kids’ lullabies broadcast each night to help with the move to a quieter time of day and the transition to sleep. This beautiful lullaby and it’s stunning artwork are now available as a picture book. A duwedirra (white cockatoo) sweeps over the land and ocean in northern Australia; she says goodnight to all the baby animals heading off to sleep before she joins her own little ones, except for the yelyilya (flying foxes), who are just waking up for the night. Sharing this lyrical text with students would be a lovely way to move to quiet meditation, or even nap, time with a class. If you would like to listen to the lullaby while you share the book, or learn the pronunciation of the Anindilyakwa words it features, the lullaby can be found on the ABC Kids app or ABC iView.

Joanna Ho is the author of several insightful, and beautiful picture books, including Eyes that Kiss in the Corners. Eyes that Weave the World’s Wonders explores similar themes of belonging, this time from the point of view of a girl who has been adopted from a different cultural background to her family’s. Again, Ho uses the motif of eyes to explore difference – in shape and colour – and belonging – through the love communicated with them. The idea that her “parents’ eyes don’t look like mine, but through them I see a world full of wonder, a world that made us family” conveys the idea that family is about more than just sharing DNA, and grows from the love, kindness and hopes we have for each other. Once again, Joanna Ho and Dung Ho have created a book with  an engaging text that imparts a powerful message.

For Pearl Li, Boba Time tea shop is the place she feels most at home; Auntie Cha is always interested in her latest amigurumi project and Pearl loves the chance to chat in Taiwanese and Mandarin, all while drinking Auntie’s delicious boba tea. Pearl’s parents are busy with their new software business, and her mother only seems interested in Pearl trying modern things, not the creative, slightly old-fashioned pastimes that Pearl enjoys. So, when Pearl hears that Boba Time may have to close down, she knows she has to do something; is this her chance to prove to everyone that there’s value in her artistic passions? It’s Boba Time for Pearl Li! is a heartwarming story about growing up, family, and realising that sometimes your dreams might come at the expense of someone else’s.

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