As a young boy, Ravi Shastri followed India’s record-breaking run chases on the radio, ears glued for every masterful stroke his idol Gundappa Viswanath played. Barely a decade later he was on the pitch himself, dazzling fans all over the world by hitting six sixes in one over. From being Champion of Champions to one […]

The Hard Road Out

The harrowing story of a woman who escaped famine and terror in North Korea, not once but twice. North Korea is an open-air prison from which there is no escape. Only a handful of men and women have succeeded. Jihyun Park is one of these rare survivors. Twice she left the land of the ‘socialist […]

Lisa: A Memoir

The long-awaited memoir of one of Australia’s most enduring and inspiring sporting icons. Triple Olympian and wellness entrepreneur Lisa Curry has lived her life in the public eye for four decades. In this very personal memoir, she shares the untold story of being Lisa. A swimming protegee who became one of Australia’s first fitness entrepreneurs, […]


In 1963, young American Dian Fossey spent all her savings and took out a loan to realize her dream – to go to Africa. It soon became her life’s mission to study and protect the few mountain gorillas left on Earth. Fossey had no experience or formal scientific training, but she was smart, passionate, and […]

The Young Alexander

In brilliant biography, Alex Rowson offers an astonishing new account of Alexander the Great – one of the most important figures of the ancient world, but whose earlier years have until now been a mystery. Alexander the Great conquered land from Macedonia to Egypt to India, known now both for his accomplishments and his precocity […]

Speaking in Tongues

When you no longer believe in eternity, every moment counts – a memoir of growing up in a religious sect. Tom Tilley grew up in a Pentecostal sect obsessed with the bizarre spiritual practice of speaking in tongues. But the older he became, the less it made sense. And worse, the church group he was […]

While I Was Away

The Farewell meets Erin Entrada Kelly’s Blackbird Fly in this empowering middle grade memoir from debut author Waka T. Brown, who takes readers on a journey to 1980s Japan, where she was sent as a child to reconnect to her family’s roots. When twelve-year-old Waka’s parents suspect she can’t understand the basic Japanese they speak […]

All Mixed Up

Some secrets should never be kept – a candid and heartfelt memoir about authenticity, difference, resilience, hope and love by an exciting new Australian voice. My family may have been all mixed up, but I discovered a love and a resilience that ran deeper than any of us could have imagined. When Jason Om was […]

Exotic Vetting

Anaesthetising a fish, x-raying a frog and hospitalising a walrus are all in a day’s work for the world’s wildest veterinarian. Travelling from the rainforests of Sierra Leone to the jungles of Borneo, Romain Pizzi has caught, anaesthetised, diagnosed, operated on, medicated, and then released some of the world’s most endangered wild animals. From disease […]