Fitter, Healther, Happier!: Your Guide to a Healthy Body and Mind

Learn all about your body and mind in this dynamic new fact-filled children’s book from #1 bestselling author and global fitness phenomenon Joe Wicks! From Joe Wicks – fitness phenomenon and tireless advocate for the power of strong physical and mental health – comes a breakthrough book to get young readers moving and feeling good. […]

Young Hawke

From Rhodes Scholar to union leader to political powerhouse: how Bobbie became Bob, the iconic PM. The new biography from award-winning historian David Day sheds fresh light on the formative years of Australia’s most charismatic leader, who became a political legend. David Day’s biography of the young Bob Hawke takes readers on a journey, from […]

Amazing Cricket Stars: Ben Stokes

Meet the king of English cricket, Ben Stokes, in this thrilling unofficial biography! From his childhood in New Zealand and his early cricketing career at Cockermouth, to winning his first County Championship with Durham and selection for England, Ben Stokes’s cricket career has been filled with extraordinary successes alongside great challenges. Follow this impressive all-rounder […]

Amazing Cricket Stars: Virat Kohli

Meet the champion Indian batter, Virat Kohli, in this stunning unofficial biography! From when he was a small boy, Virat Kohli’s special talent for cricket has wowed those around him – his family, friends, and eventually, his colleagues on the Indian national team. His dedication to his training and teammates, smart tactics and his incredible […]

The Boomers

From heartbreak to triumph: how our national basketball team went from misfits to superstars. The Boomers’ Olympic triumph in Tokyo was possibly the most celebrated bronze medal in Australian sporting history. But the path to this moment is littered with heartache, setback and adversity. The long and arduous journey was recalled by Boomers’ leading scorer […]

Pokémon Beginners Guide: How to Train Your Pokémon

Whether you’re yet to catch your first Pokémon or have been training for a while. This Beginners Guide is the perfect starting point on your Pokémon journey. Do you know your Electric-types from your Water-types? How many evolutions Eevee has? Or which First Partner Pokémon will suit you best in each region? These questions, and […]

The Demon of Unrest

The internationally bestselling author of The Splendid and the Vile brings to life the pivotal five months between the election of Abraham Lincoln and the start of the Civil War – a slow-burning crisis that finally tore a deeply divided nation in two. On November 6, 1860, Abraham Lincoln became the fluky victor in a […]

Counting: Humans, History and the Infinite Lives of Numbers

What has counting meant to different cultures and different individuals? In this book, historian and mathematician Benjamin Wardhaugh will explore stories from all over the world and from every period of human history, from Ife numerologists to Antarctic scientists; from Egyptian kings to Chinese peasants. It will display the ways counting has been continually reinvented […]

Would You Rather? (Book 5): Tudors

Would you rather wipe Henry VIII’s bottom for him or be one of his wives? Would you rather act in a Tudor play or take part in a jousting match? Only you can decide! Adventure into the fascinating world of the Tudors with this new Would You Rather book! Packed with fun situations, this book […]