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Picture Books for Secondary Students

Picture Books for Secondary Students

Be Careful, Xiao Xin!

Pung, Alice/ Ng, Sher Rill
Published: 15/08/2022


Starke, Ruth / Kennett, David
Published: 15/02/2022

The Boy and the Elephant

Blackwood, Freya
Published: 15/10/2021

The Polar Bear in Sydney Harbour

Feiner, Beck / Feiner, Robin
Published: 28/08/2020

The Blue Giant

Cottle, Katie
Published: 02/06/2020

All of Us

French, Jackie / Hooker, Virginia / Wilson, Mark
Published: 08/10/2019

The Fate of Fausto

Jeffers, Oliver
Published: 24/09/2019

The Beach They Called Gallipoli

French, Jackie / Whatley, Bruce
Published: 26/03/2018

My Gallipoli

Starke, Ruth / Hannaford, Robert
Published: 26/03/2018