The Travelling Bookshop (Book 1): Mim and the Baffling Bully

The right book might just change your life… Mim Cohen roams the world in a travelling bookshop, with her dad and brother and a horse called Flossy. Flossy leads them where she will, to the place where they’re needed most… the place where the perfect book will find its way home. Now Mim has arrived […]

Great Day for Up

Two beloved giants of children’s books – Dr. Seuss and Quentin Blake – come together for this joyous celebration of life. UP UP UP! Fill up the air. Up, flags! Balloons! UP! Everywhere! Join two of the most amazing talents in pictures books in this warm and wonderful rhyming tale about getting UP and celebrating […]

My Favourite Teachers

Teachers are all around us – it’s time to give them a gold star! The new bestseller from the creators of IF I WAS PRIME MINSTER. School teachers teach us all kinds of interesting stuff – like maths and science, and how to read and write. And then there are the other teachers in our […]

Oh Monty!

Is Monty the most naughty, dastardly, immoral picture book character of the year? Monty is a good-for-nothing cat, who, instead of looking after his owner’s freshly baked cake, eats it all and then allows his fellow pet Tiddles to take all the blame. Twice. The stars of this book are Monty and Tiddles. The owner, […]

Why I Love the Ocean

Featuring children’s own words along with heart-warming pictures, this book is a perfect celebration of all that’s special about the ocean! ‘I love the Ocean because… ‘ This heartwarming book combines endearing things said by children about the ocean, with gentle illustrations of familiar animals. And from all sorts of amazing sea creatures to beautiful […]

In Plain Sight

UFOs. UAPs. Flying cigars. X-Files. An award-winning investigative journalist sets out to discover why everyone’s talking about ‘it’ again, whether there IS something out there and, if so, what… Award-winning journalist Ross Coulthart has been fascinated by the phenomena known as UFOs since he was 16. But for decades, UFOlogy has been considered the realm […]

The Gallery of Miracles and Madness

The extraordinary, little-known story of Hitler’s war on modern art. In the first years of the Weimar Republic, the German psychiatrist Hans Prinzhorn gathered a remarkable collection of works by schizophrenic patients that would astonish and delight the world. The Prinzhorn collection, as it was called, inspired a new generation of artists, including Paul Klee, […]

The Battle for Roar

Rose and Arthur are back in Roar, on a voyage that takes them further than they’ve ever been before: beyond The End. It’s an amazing adventure – full of secrets, surprises and fairies with fangs – but then a mysterious storm changes everything. Shipwrecked on a strange island, they make a shocking discovery… Could this […]

Extinct – Trilobite

A comprehensive look at the strongest force in nature. What causes extinction? Why do some species go extinct and not others, and what we can do to save endangered species? A full-colour eight-book series by TV scientist, Professor Ben Garrod, that offers a comprehensive look at the strongest force in nature. What causes extinction? Why […]