Tennis Camp Diaries (Book 1): Doubles Disaster

Welcome to the secret diary of future tennis star Ash Barty and her adventures at Tennis Camp! By Ash Barty, Jasmin McGaughey and Jade Goodwin – the team behind the bestselling Little Ash series! TOP SECRET! This is the PRIVATE diary of Ash Barty, future tennis SUPERSTAR! So don’t tell anyone what I’m about to […]

Incredible Golf Stories

Whether you’re a diehard fan or new to the sport, prepare to be amazed by this fun-filled book of stories, facts and stats from the world of golf. With over 80 million fans worldwide, golf is a fast-growing sport among grown-ups AND kids! Did you know that… You can only compete in the annual Kris […]

Follow Your Dreams: 100 Inspiring and Extraordinary Jobs

Discover 100 inspiring and extraordinary jobs in this illustrated book for kids! Why not become a cat behaviourist? Or a rollercoaster engineer? How about a coral reef gardener? Find out what’s involved in these incredible careers and meet the real people who followed their dreams and are doing these jobs today. Whether you’re an animal […]

100 Things to Know About Sport

A colourful information book filled with 100 fascinating and surprising sports facts. How do blind athletes tell between silver and gold medals? How did a Finnish architect accidentally invent skateboarding? Why do footballers wear logos on their kit? From equipment and engineering to amazing sporting achievements, find 100 quirky and surprising sport-themed facts in this […]

Little Gems: Lottie the Little Wonder

Lottie Dod leads the way to sporting victory in this inspiring Little Gem from bestselling author Katherine Woodfine. “Girls can’t play tennis as well as boys? What a lot of NONSENSE!” Lottie Dod is DETERMINED to show that girls can be just as good as sports as boys. She runs and jumps and leaps after […]

Wise Words from Female Sporting Heroes

This uplifting collection celebrates inspiring sportswomen the world over and their thoughts on life, success, equality and beyond. From legendary Olympians to modern-day icons, each of these unauthorised quotes demonstrates the power of words and positive thinking in our everyday lives.

Me and My Hair

An uplifting book that celebrates hair in all its forms. A heart-warming journey of learning to love the hair you have, and the person you are. Follow Kyra as she shares her thoughts and feelings about her amazing Afro hair, and the facts she learns about all kinds of hair types and styles. After a […]

Beyond the Body Bully

Australia’s bestselling anxiety and mental health author, Bev Aisbett, writing together with Rebecca Reynolds, returns with a new book on the inner Body Bully we all have in our heads. If we can improve the way we think about our bodies, that will in turn improve our lives. Why do we hate our bodies so […]

Lift-the-Flap Questions and Answers About Jobs

Inspire the next generation with the limitless possibilities of all kinds of jobs. This engaging book takes a fresh look at the changing world of work and helps kids develop a greater understanding of what opportunities lie ahead of them. From following your dreams, to discovering what grown-ups do all day, to real-life advice from […]