Lift-the-Flap Trees

This leafy flapbook lets readers admire and explore the life of trees. What kind of tree grows in the sea? How tall are the tallest trees? Which tree can change how its leaves taste? This flap book holds the answers, along with masses of other amazing tree facts, and can tell you why we need […]

Mrs Koala’s Beauty Parlour

Preschoolers will love counting how many clients Mrs Koala has in her very busy beauty parlour. Mrs Koala runs the most popular beauty parlour in town, but she’s so busy with her clients, she doesn’t even know how many she has! From talented duo Catherine Jinks and Tania McCartney comes a delightful book that takes […]

Lots of Things to Know About Animals

A collection of amazing facts exploring the wonders of the animal world. You’ll never guess how monkeys clean their teeth, which baby animal is bigger than its parents or just how high bumblebees can fly! All is revealed in this delightful information book, filled with quirky and surprising things to know about all kinds of […]

Peep Inside a Bird’s Nest

An amazing interactive introduction to birds and their nests. Peep inside a bird’s nest to see her precious eggs nestled there. Lift a flap to see them hatch, and find out how a bird takes care of its young. Discover all kinds of different nests and chicks, from teeny-tiny humming birds nests to great big […]

See Inside Why Plastic is a Problem

Why plastic is so bad for our planet, and what we can do about it? Everyone knows that plastic has become a problem for our planet, but do you know why? And do you know how YOU can help be a part of the solution to the problem? This vividly illustrated book is packed with […]

At Sixes and Sevens

An engaging, accessible introduction into how numbers work and why we shouldn’t be afraid of them, from maths expert Rachel Riley. Do you know your fractions from your percentages? Your adjacent to your hypotenuse? And who really knows how to do long division, anyway? Puzzled already? Don’t blame you… But fret not! You won’t be […]

The Adventures of Paddington: My First Numbers Book

Learn to count to ten with everyone’s favourite bear from Peru – Paddington! With sturdy board pages, simple sentences and colourful pictures from the successful TV series, this is the perfect book for young cubs wanting to learn their first numbers! The first in a range of four gorgeous new board books about Paddington and […]

Fold-Out Timeline of Planet Earth

The history of our amazing planet unfolds at a glance in this graphic timeline. From the Big Bang to the present day, discover the wonders of our ever-changing planet as you fold out this brightly illustrated book. Then turn it over to find out how, through billions of years of volcanic eruptions, ice ages and […]

Extinct – Lisowicia

The story of life on Earth through the planet’s major mass extinctions. Book four, Lisowicia, focuses on a massive nine-tonne, elephant-sized animal. Professor Ben Garrod presents an exploration of the most iconic animals ever to walk, swim, waddle or stalk our planet in this full-colour eight-book series. The story of life on Earth through the […]