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Cracking Christmas Reads

Cracking Christmas Reads

Clarice Bean: Think Like an Elf

Child, Lauren
Published: 01/11/2021

An Odd Dog Christmas

Biddulph, Rob
Published: 15/10/2021

Green is for Christmas

Daywalt, Drew/ Jeffers, Oliver
Published: 15/10/2021

What Do You Do to Celebrate?

Barton, Ashleigh/ Heiduczek, Martina
Published: 15/09/2021

Christmas Always Comes

French, Jackie/ Whatley, Bruce
Published: 15/09/2021

That’s Not My Christmas Fairy

Watt, Fiona
Published: 15/09/2021

Rudie Nudie Christmas

Quay, Emma
Published: 30/09/2020

The Crayons’ Christmas

Daywalt, Drew / Jeffers, Oliver
Published: 21/10/2019

The Curse of the School Rabbit

Kerr, Judith
Published: 19/07/2019

A Very Quacky Christmas

Watts, Frances / James, Ann
Published: 23/10/2017

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Seuss, Dr.
Published: 19/09/2016