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The Australian Experience of War

The Australian Experience of War

When the War is Over

French, Jackie / Spudvilas, Anne
Published: 15/02/2022


Starke, Ruth / Kennett, David
Published: 15/02/2022

Blood, Sweat and Steel

McGrath, Curtis
Published: 01/11/2021

House of Kwa

Kwa, Mimi
Published: 01/06/2021

Heroes of the Secret Underground

Gervay, Susanne
Published: 15/03/2021

The War Widow

Moss, Tara
Published: 01/08/2020

Shining: The Story of a Lucky Man

Aden, Abdia / Hillman, Robert
Published: 01/12/2018


Kieza, Grantlee
Published: 01/08/2016

The Matilda Saga (Book 5): The Ghost by the Billabong

French, Jackie
Published: 23/11/2015