The Dancing Bear

A poignant coming-of-age tale about a mountain-village girl and a bear – a tale of love, sacrifice and the challenge of making the right choices. High in the mountains, in a tiny village, an abandoned bear cub is adopted by lonely orphan Roxanne. The two soon become best friends: inseparable and beloved by the whole […]

Mr Nobody’s Eyes

A tale of fun and friendship from former Children’s Laureate and author of War Horse, Michael Morpurgo. Harry heard the key turn in the lock. He had already made up his mind to run. Harry is in trouble at school, and doesn’t like his stepfather or the new baby. Then he befriends Ocky, a chimpanzee […]

Running Wild

The epic and heart-rending jungle adventure from a master storyteller. After his father is killed in Iraq, a surprise trip to Indonesia seems the perfect escape for Will and his mum. That is, until the elephant he is riding along the beach, Oona, spooks. As Will sees a huge wave crashing in, Oona runs into […]

Twist of Gold

‘There’s a plague, a fever, call it what you will, sweeping this country, and it’s coming closer all the time.’ Sean and Annie have one chance to escape the potato famine in Ireland, but they must leave their dying mother behind. They travel in search or their father, across rough seas and shipwrecks, to a […]

The War of Jenkin’s Ear

A spellbinding children’s story from War Horse author and former Children’s Laureate, Michael Morpurgo – now with a brand new cover look. Toby Jenkins doesn’t like boarding school. He gets called Jinks and thinks he will never fit in. But then he meets a strange boy named Christopher who believes that he is the second […]

The Fox and the Ghost King

A warm and funny story for younger readers, about two foxes, a ghost and one of the biggest archaeological discoveries in living memory… In a cosy den under a garden shed lives a family of foxes. They love to watch football, all foxes do. One day, they are surprised by a ghostly voice coming from […]

The Gone Series (Book 5): Fear

Welcome back to the FAYZ! This is Book 5 in the series that Stephen King calls a “driving, torrential narrative”. Night is falling in the FAYZ. Permanently. The gaiaphage has blotted out the sun and the barrier that surrounds the town of Perdido Beach is turning black. It’s Sam’s worst nightmare. With Astrid still missing […]

Michael Morpurgo’s Tales From Shakespeare

Ten stunning Shakespeare retellings from the master storyteller. Featuring re-tellings of ten of Shakespeare’s plays, and beautifully written with Michael Morpurgo’s warm, accessible and inimitable style, this wonderful collection offers a new generation of readers the chance to discover the magic of Shakespeare – the perfect introduction to the Bard and an unmissable book for […]

Book of the Future

A re-issue of the much-loved classic 1979 book about future life and future technology. First published in 1979, the Usborne Book of the Future is a fondly-remembered book from a time when people dreamed of the future as a place filled with wonder and amazing new technology. After more than 40 years of science fiction […]