In Case You Missed It…

In a year like 2020 it’s been easy to miss a lot of things, even great books for your classroom or library. Please find below a roundup of a dozen books that you may have missed, many of which have classroom resources.


A lovely, funny picture book about a small dinosaur who doesn’t fit in. However, as Pink soon discovers, there can be definite advantages to standing out from the crowd. Classroom resources available.


Duck, Apple, Egg

A deceptively simple book about the joys of playing in the garden. The clever use of language is accompanied by gorgeous illustrations that will delight both children and adults. Classroom resources available.


Lottie Luna & the Twilight Party

The second in this sweet series about a young werewolf learning to make the most of her new-found powers. In this novel, Lottie decides to use her unique talents to surprise her friend for her birthday. A great introduction to reading for emerging readers.



The Schoolmaster’s Daughter

When Hannah and her family move to northern Queensland, it’s not the idyllic existence she had imagined it would be. Drawing on her own family’s history, as well as that of Australia, Jackie French has written a powerful novel which explores themes of injustice, and the importance of education.


The Ghost of Howlers Beach

While Butter O’Bryan lives a privileged existence, he’s very aware that the people living in the Susso camps on the beach are not so lucky. When he befriends three children from the camp, it’s the start of the unravelling of several mysteries. A wonderful middle-grade novel that has a bit of something for everyone. Classroom resources available.



Like any kid in Year 7, the last thing Ross wants to do is stand out. But sometimes there’s nothing you can do; life just gets in the way. A book about the power of friends, family and music. The use of comic strips and graphics, along with prose, make this a winner with even the most reluctant reader. Classroom resources available.


You Are Positively Awesome

Based on the premise that self-care isn’t selfish, this is the book we all need, young and old, right now. Using bold, colourful design, this book is a mix of practical tips, activities and things to think about, and is an approachable introduction to looking after our mental health.


Music From Another World

In 1977 the world was changing and, for Tammy Larson, it can’t come fast enough. Her hero Harvey Milk is changing America for the LGBT+ community, but will it give her the confidence and safety to be her true self? A story as relevant and important now as it was 40 years ago.



How to Grow a Family Tree

As if her final year of school wasn’t enough, Stella also has to deal with her family losing their home, changing friendships and being contacted by her birth mother. This moving coming-of-age novel tackles some very big themes with beautiful writing, gentle humour and enormous empathy. Classroom resources available.


The Motion of the Body Through Space

Many would argue that the obesity epidemic and the wellness craze go hand-in-hand. The Motion of the Body Through Space explores this idea, in Shriver’s spare, piercing prose, through the eyes of Serenata who is dealing with the decline of her own physical fitness just as her husband is discovering his.


Boy on Fire

A portrait of a young man who will go on to ignite the world with his music, as well as the time and place of his birth as a musician. This is a fascinating insight into the creation of one of Australia’s most successful, and enduring, artists, Nick Cave.


The Tap Dancing Knife Thrower

The living embodiment of the idea that you’re never too old to make it big, Paul Hogan’s autobiography is the tale of ‘one lucky bastard’. An intriguing yarn from the man who helped form much of the world’s opinion on what it was to be Australian, and just how big a knife should be!


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