Quality Time with a Good Book or Three!

May sees us all beginning Term 2 with a chill in the air (whatever that might mean for where you are!), NAPLAN behind us and facing the prospect we’re a third of the way into the year. With the cooler turn of the seasons, it’s the perfect time for you and your students to spend quality time with a good book or three!

Cranky is having a bad day and he doesn’t want to talk about it, nor does he want to spend time with chatty friends or be by himself. It’s just a day he’s feeling cranky (although the illustrations and text may give observant readers some clues as to why!). Eventually, after letting off some steam, Cranky reflects on how he’s feeling and how his bad mood is impacting his friends. Cranky is a delightful story featuring construction equipment talking about how to deal with big feelings. As well as ideas for those not sure what to do with overwhelming emotions, Cranky’s friends also model for readers some approaches on how to help – or not – friends who might be struggling. A light-hearted way to explore practical strategies for emotional regulation.

It’s amazing to think that the Little Ash series is up to books nine and ten this month, with Big Break! and Sleepover Surprise! joining previous titles. In Big Break! Ash is super excited to see her aunt, uncle and cousin, but sister Ali is upset that she won’t get to join in all the fun at the beach and tennis court because her wrist is in a cast after she broke it last week. Ash is determined that Ali will have as much fun as everyone else because sometimes making sure everyone is included is more important than winning. Meanwhile, in Sleepover Surprise! Ash is having her friends over for the night. They’re all having fun watching movies, eating popcorn and dressing up… all except Ruthie, who’s feeling very homesick. Can Ash and her friends find a way to help Ruthie feel less anxious? The Little Ash series is a great introduction to independent reading, as well as concepts like fair play, kindness and that it’s ok to ask for help when you need it.

A great series you may be less familiar with is Little Experts, which sees experts paired with illustrators to introduce children to concepts such as transportations, money and bodies. New out this month, How to Build a Home has George Clarke, an architect, exploring important aspects of how houses are made; from designing for the environment in which the building will sit through to the trades and craftspeople involved in construction through to experimental materials and sustainability, there is much to learn. From Dr Amir Khan, a GP, there is also How Families are Made. As well as covering the biology of creating a family, and all the ways that fertilisation and birth can happen, Dr Khan explores the many different forms families can take and how they can change over time. As well as presenting children with judgement-free explorations of non-fiction topics, Little Experts books include glossaries and, where appropriate, activities to help kids better understand concepts.

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